What is Perception Sketch?

Our perception assigns meaning to everything we see and experience using assumptions, based on what’s happened to us in the past. Our mind is a vast database of memories and experiences categorized into beliefs. Beliefs are essentially decisions we’ve made to define our world based on our experiences. If the beliefs that fuel our assumptions are untrue, then the meaning we put on our experiences is inaccurate.

As perception uses assumptions to give meaning to your experiences, your life becomes a pattern—your past is casting a shadow over your future. If your life is not what you want it to be, it’s not that you did anything wrong. It’s because you made the only decisions you could with the information you had available.

Research shows that people who find lasting fulfillment and success in their lives possess certain key attributes. PerceptionSketch can show you where your perceptions are driving critical aspects of your life. The 48-question assessment is designed around the subconscious beliefs that create what your mind perceives as reality, and will help you understand what determines your decision-making process.  Your perception is the one thing that dictates every opportunity you see, every decision you make, and every action you do or do not take.

PerceptionSketch is not a definition of who you are, but rather a snapshot of how your current perceptions might be affecting the way you view your world. The results provide you with your own perception profile or 'Sketch' which can help you manage your perceptions, rid yourself of false and limiting beliefs, better face challenges, overcome setbacks, and embrace opportunities.

Perception Sketch Examples

These are a just a few of the 'Sketch' profile types, and each one creates their world in a unique and different way. And so can you, once you know your PerceptionSketch!

PerceptionSketch is based on award-winning tools used by world-renowned personal development experts. So if you want to find more happiness and fulfillment in life... PerceptionSketch can empower you to better position your strengths; help you see blind spots; suggest how you might improve; and provide insights for moving forward!